iQ Perfetto Hairdryer



Exceptionally light, powerful and high-performing hairdryer

iQ Perfetto hairdryer is equipped with an intelligent brushless motor, an interface with digital control technology that increases the performance of the product, reducing drying time and increasing the useful life of the motor. An extraordinarily light hair dryer at only 294g, it is designed to prevent muscle damage to arms and shoulders resulting from extended use at professional level.

Supplied with Oxy Active Technology, it acts as a powerful antibacterial, sealing hair cuticles for longer color durability. Its innovative micro-filter prevents dirt particles from entering the motor and therefore extends its life cycle. Auto-Clean Technology rotates the motor turbine in the opposite direction, allowing deep cleaning of the filter by expelling any particles left on the filter.

In addition, thanks to the Venturi Effect, it multiplies the air flow delivered by the motor, without using extra power. The Memory Function Technology allows to memorize the speed and the temperature among the 12 available configurations, all easily managed thanks to the digital interface. In addition, the selected configurations can be locked, by using the appropriate lock button, to avoid accidental changes during use. The 3-meter cable facilitates the work of professional styling. Comes with 1-year warranty.

For professional salon inquiries, kindly contact us at +6585521817 for pricing details. Verification required.

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